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4 Words

Home sick; watching Tick.

11.22: Flash Flood Warning

11 Saucy Syllables

I was reading today about the hendecasyllable, which is the 11-syllable line used in ancient Greek and Latin poetry. Medieval poets used this line as well, including such heavy hitters as Dante. In English poetry, the term hendecasyllable refers to a line of iambic pentameter with an extra beat on the end (A thing of […]

4.24: B. Streisand’s Bday

In honor of Barbra Streisand’s birthday, and in honor of my daughter (who named me and Barb as the two greatest influences in her life on a poster in 6th grade), here’s my daughter’s favorite Streisand number. (She dismisses all non-musical Streisand productions as “garbage” with the full confidence of a 14-year-old musical theater geek.) […]

Zero 7’s Destiny

You know, I’ll forget about this song for a while and then I’ll hear it again, and then I have to listen to it twice. Some  of Zero 7’s songs can be a little too chill, but this one is just a pretty song, and I like the take on crossing back over time zones as […]

23 Skidoo’s Ethics

From 1980, 23 Skidoo’s “Ethics” persists.

22 Rhymes

In this song (“22 Two’s”), Jay-Z rhymes too, to, and two 22 times in the first verse. Nice!