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Kubrick Fans Coming In At 4.0; Bicycle Fans Not So Lucky

OK, so some mathy dudes have gotten together and developed a (highly subjective) ranking system that quantifies a thing’s overall quality in terms of its fans awfulness. Their chart, Ruined By Its Fans, covers a wide variety of activities, bands, directors, hobbies, events, and other pop culture elements. For example, the work of Stanley Kubrick […]

What $3000 Gets You: Road vs. Tri Bike

The dude over at Fit Recovery (Jim) put together a handy post outlining the difference between road and tri bikes. He compares a Trek Speed 7 with a Madone 4.6. Obviously, a road bike like the Madone is far more versatile, but Jim stacks the photos of the two bikes, making for an easy comparison […]

17 Kinds of Loot from Bike To Work Day

Bike to Work Day! It’s like a holiday for bike commuters. So much goodness being handed out by so many kindly organizations! My commute is usually around 4 miles but I did 10 this morning, hitting up 7 stations: The city’s Cycle Track Dedication (new cycle track on Barton Springs Road) City Hall (where I […]

4.27: Super Squadra!

Today I took part in a road riding clinic held by the delightfully named Super Squadra racing team. (I really like saying “Super Squadra,” and am going to try to work it into daily conversation.) With the ride to and from Bicycle Sport Shop (meetup spot and a team sponsor), I put in 38.57 miles—officially […]

19 Reasons I Should Be Named “Beerbassador”

So, Bicycle Sport Shop and Real Ale are looking for Beerbassadors to spread the good word about beer and bikes. CLEARLY I am qualified. Here’s what I submitted. Beerbassador Questionnaire 1. Are you at least 21 years of age? Yes 2. What’s your favorite chilled alcoholic beverage? Devil’s Backbone 3. How many beers have you […]

31 Ways To Pray

Breathe deep and pay attention: feel the air enter your lungs. Remember to say thank you when you see the hills on the horizon, the river flowing to meet them. Plant a tree. Kiss your dog’s head. Go smell some vanilla. On your birthday, donate your age in dollars to improve someone else’s life. Light […]