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Day 1 of National Bike Month: Mark Ronson

Hey, it’s National Bike Month! I haven’t been riding much in months, because I’m not training this year (in a semi-voluntary vacation from triathlon) and my dog & daughter are both rather demanding in terms of transportation this year. (I once let my dog drive herself to the vet, but that didn’t end well.) So, […]

1 Word

Hungover* *Now I remember why I don’t drink.

Day 1: Whole30 (The Quest for Chill)

So, starting today I’m doing another Whole30 program, a rigorous, comprehensive diet challenge. This plan dares you to eat super-duper healthy for 30 days, eschewing processed foods, all artificial ingredients, all sweeteners, grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, and caffeine. I really, truly love how I feel when I’m following this plan, although it does present difficulty […]

Apr1l F1sh

We Americans can only wish to have as cool a holiday as France’s April Fish. On April 1st, the more whimsical and mischeivous French will tape a paper fish to a person’s back as a prank. When I first heard of this tradition, I assumed the paper version was a contemporary downgrade from attaching ACTUAL […]

1st Actual Jade Rabbit in the Moon

Today China launched a rocket to the moon hauling a lunar rover named the Jade Rabbit (or Yutu). East Asian cultures have a variety of tales about a jade rabbit who lives in the moon. The Chinese celebrate the story of the jade rabbit at the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. As the full moon rises in […]

Eleven 1sts

Mandatory Music: enjoy this classic Foreigner song while you read. Go on, press the button: For the 1st day of the 11th month, here are 11 firsts in my life. 1. First kid = best kid 2. First kiss = Nick Hencey in 8th grade during a showing of the Christopher Reeve movie Monsignor. Assessment of […]

A 1-2 Punch of Sleep

Such great training things I had planned for this weekend, the 1st and 2nd! I had a 1500 meter swim planned plus an 80-minute brick (60 bike, 20 run). Getting ready for the Marble Falls Triathlon, you see, which is nigh-on Olympic length. And instead of doing either of those, I slept. A lot. Saturday […]