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20 Words

Dinner was a dazzling combination of waffles, peanut butter, orange juice, Live Oak, and Twix. But not in that order.

11.20.05: We Lose Chris Whitley

The video opens, of course, with Chris lighting up a cigarette. He died at 45 from lung cancer. You can hear his voice get softer, more whispery, when you spend a day listening only to CW albums, starting with 1991’s Living with the Law and going all the way through 2005’s Soft Dangerous Shores. When […]

Day 20: Whole30 (Tasty Resources)

From the Whole30 Daily (a daily support newsletter you can subscribe to for $15, and is actually worth it, for the intense coverage and comprehensive approach of W30 issues) comes this list of handy resources for Whole30 goodness: Ghee. Ghee, a form of clarified butter, is a yummy Whole30-approved fat source. You canmake your own, […]

20 Commandments

So, God is on Twitter, and here’s what God tweeted today: God ‏@TheTweetOfGod THE NEW 10 COMMANDMENTS 1 Laugh. 2 Read. 3 Say please. 4 Floss. 5 Doubt. 6 Exercise. 7 Learn. 8 Don’t hate. 9 Cut the bullshit. 10 Chill. An excellent list! I like this very much, and decided to create a supplementary list […]

3.20: Vernal Equinox (Redux)

Disclaimer: this here is a previously broadcast post (from 3.20.13) that I’m deploying once again to give myself a running start on re-starting daily posting. Also, these poems are as stellar today as they were a year ago. Let’s celebrate the first day of spring with some lively poems. I’ve got a tasty batch here. […]

12.20: Celebrating 100 Years of the Sinful, Futile Crossword Puzzles

Arthur Wynne (a Brit, actually) invented the contemporary American crossword puzzle; it appeared in the New York World on 12.21.1913 and became wildly popular. By the 1920s, folks had become so obsessed with solving the puzzles that appeared in more and more newspapers that workplace productivity actually declined. So the inventor of computer Solitaire can […]


Seven years ago today, musician Chris Whitley died at age 45. Dude smoked, A LOT. One time I saw him at Cactus Cafe, which is a non-smoking establishment. He still lit a cigarette between each song. So it’s not too surprising he died so young of lung cancer. He’s at a different altitude now—but then […]