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Day 9 of NBM: I Got You On Tape

Today I participated in the worst kind of bicycling: a spin class. It was not the worst possible situation, in that the room had huge windows looking out on a scenic vista. The worst possible situation involves a class in a windowless room, where the sweating cyclists steam up windows that aren’t even there, and all hope is lost. Spinning sucks for various reasons: it’s boring, it’s hard, the room gets so hot and humid, you are the mercy of someone else’s musical tastes*, the other spinners can be intimidatingly fit**, and in general the rewards are far from evident. However, the rewards are there: when I’ve forced myself to go to spin class regularly over about six weeks, my bike speed on the road increased significantly. So, I’m going to force myself to go at least twice a week for the next few months. I thought I’d spice up this post with a song from a Danish band called I Got You on Tape, as the other songs I found with “spinning” in the title were not doing it for me. So, here’s this song. You don’t have to spin while listening to it. You’re welcome.

*(I once took a class from an instructor who favored use of Robert Earl Keene’s “The Road Goes On Forever” for a super-long climbing stretch, making for a miserable experience.)

**In today’s class, the instructor said at one point that the women in the class should be at 190-200 watts. I was hitting maybe 130. Oooof.

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