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9.28: Kerrville Sprint Tri

I was going to do my first olympic-length tri this weekend, but had to downgrade to a sprint, now that my lifestyle revolves around plantar fasciitis. Today was the sprint; tomorrow are the olympic and half-iron distances. I stayed at the Inn of the Hills last night—a stone’s throw from the swim start. Now that’s […]

9.27: Google’s birthday

Google is 15 years old today—still not old enough to drive a car, yet it is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle technology. Related articles Uber Car Service Buys 2,500 ‘Google GX3200’ Driverless Vehicles [VIDEO] ( Nissan Driverless Cars Coming by 2020: Are Self-Driving Vehicles the Future? [VIDEO] ( China hot on Google’s heels with […]

26ing Eliot

  T. S. Eliot was born on 9.26.1888. When he was 26, he married his first wife, Vivienne Haigh-Wood, on June 26. Their ages—both 26—were mentioned within the first lines of the movie Tom and Viv, originally a play, about their marriage. She was a pretty sickly gal: “In a letter addressed to Ezra Pound, she […]

25 or 6 to 4?

This song’s opening guitar riff is super and the horns section is pretty nifty as well. And these mysterious lyrics have 86 comments, some contentious, attempting to explain them on However, the Straight Dope has a fairly straightforward explanation, based on the songwriter (Chicago organist/vocalist Robert Lamm) actual description: “The song is about writing a […]

9.24: F. Scott Fitzboobs

In honor of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s birthday, enjoy this fantastic and highly detailed account of the costuming approach to the latest Gatsby movie.

9.23: Time to Celebrate Bob Fosse

Bob Fosse died 26 years ago today, so let’s take a moment to thank him for all of Michael Jackson’s moves (first, brace yourself for some 70s movie wierdness):

22: Autumnal Equinox

  Derived from the Latin words for “equal night,” the equinox occurs when the Earth’s equator is directly in line with the sun—giving the day roughly an equal number of hours for night and day. Happens twice a year: spring and fall. This year’s autumnal equinox happened today at 4:44 pm Eastern time. Fall is my […]